Providing Women With The Foundation For A Fresh Start
Based in Des Moines, IA
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About Us

"Moving on doesn't mean forgetting. It means you choose happiness over hurt."

Recovery House for Women was established and came to be through an implemented vision. This vision has been set forth to help women build self-sufficient life skills and to lead a sober and independent lifestyle. 


Founder, Melinda Neff, has committed herself to helping assist these women in erasing past negative behaviors and strongly supporting new healthy habits. 


Read the original document created by founder, Melinda Neff, who outlines what she strives to provide under this program.


Melinda herself struggled with addiction and thus established Recovery House for Women knowing how hard it can be getting back on your feet after getting clean.  As a graduate of the ‘House of Mercy’ Melinda felt compelled to give back and help other women just as House of Mercy did for her. 





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